This is our main area of operation, the manufacture and assembly of storage tanks of varying capacities and for different uses, for customers such as:

JSC Ventspils Nafta

    Oil terminal - storage tanks 20 000 m3; 50 000 m3

JSC B.L.B. Baltijas Terminals

    Oil terminal - storage tanks (capacity 200 - 10 000 m3);
    Chemical plant stainless steel storage tanks (capacity 600 m3);
    Mazut terminal storage tanks (capacity 10 000 m3);

Energoremonts Riga Ltd.

    derv storage tank (capacity 5000 m3);

JSC RTEC-2, SIA Gulfstream Oil, JSC Latvijas Balzams, Rigas Siltums and many others.

Assembly is carried out using any of established methods. The company also undertakes major repairs of storage tanks, thereby prolonging operations terms to many years.